Our Purpose

Our purpose—to positively impact lives, transform communities and make the world a better place—unites professionals working collaboratively across a broad range of disciplines.


Our Core Values

Our core values recognize that our business success is founded upon a commitment to certain principles.


One of Mosra Energy’s key values is that we “work to build a vibrant and brighter future for all”.

We contribute through our socially responsible and sustainable approach to our projects, through our input on sustainable infrastructure in the community, as well as by imparting skills and knowledge to the communities with which we work.

We are also committed to investing and allocating resources to aid development and improve quality of life in the communities in which we live and work.

Mosra Energy and its people embrace the philosophy of giving back to the community by encouraging proactive involvement in the company’s multiple corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Mosra Energy understand that no two communities have the same needs, so our CSR programmes encompass very different aims, ranging from empowering young learners to be successful, active citizens, through to financial assistance for food and shelter.

Our profession enables our people to contribute in the most practical and effective ways by providing input into community development and infrastructure in needy areas in Nigeria and around Africa.
Part of our strategic focus is the investment and allocation of resources to develop and improve the quality of life for various communities.

Many of our employees are also giving back’ on a personal level in their local communities, which is something we encourage and support as an organization.

Purpose & Core Values