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Coal To Power Generation

MEL has aligned with the current administration’s plan to generate 30 per cent of electricity needed in the country from coal. Consequently, we have obtained coal exploration Licenses for over 15 tenements including Lignite of the Delta Coastal Plain domiciled in Delta State and Sub-Bituminous Coal of the Ogboyaga/ Okaba mining district domiciled in Kogi State all of the Anambra Basin in Nigeria. We are currently working on developing these coal properties exclusively for power generation.
Our Coal tenements for the Kogi state property are licensed under the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act with Exploration license numbers 21493EL, 21631EL, 21834EL, 20188EL, 21494EL and 22589EL. Other exploration license numbers are 20415EL, 20957EL, 21493EL, 21497EL, 22489EL while the coal tenements for Delta coal property have Exploration License numbers 20981EL, 20982EL and 22589EL.

In 2015 MEL commenced a comprehensive geoscience/technical investigation and exploratory drilling program on its coal property in Kogi and Delta state. Till date a total number of 178 holes have been drilled at an average depth of 77meters and intercepted an average coal seam thickness of 1.3meters for Kogi and 10meters for Delta.  The qualitative test conducted for the coal samples collected shows Kogi samples to have an average calorific value of 5842.71Kcal/Kg and an average Sulphur content of 1.46% while Delta samples have an average calorific value of 4615.57Kcal/Kg and an average Sulphur content of 0.66%.

To ensure development of the coal resources according to international best practices, MEL appointed Messrs Tata Consulting Engineers in late 2016 through a competitive bid process to conduct Preliminary Feasibility Studies (PFS) for the mine design and development for both Kogi and Delta coal properties. Other developmental activities undertaken by MEL to develop the Kogi and Delta tenements include.

MEL’s primary purpose of developing the Coal properties in Kogi and Delta States includes:

MEL shall continue to pursue new opportunities in the Solid minerals and mining sector in Nigeria and shall strengthen its position within the market as a leading exploration and mining company.